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Whether you only have time for a quick feel-good session with yourself, or whether you have all the time in the world, the following list provides a method for every woman to maximize her benefit from a beautiful masturbation experience. Right now, take a little look-see to find out which one(s) fit your personality and schedule.

Skin to Skin Contact

The Pattie Cake

With your pointer and middle fingers, gently pat your clitoris. Vary the pressure and the speed. Your little man in the boat will stand at attention. Your inner labia and clitoris will feel sticky sweet and warm up. The inside of your vagina will overflow with your love fluid. Directly before you come, push those same two fingers into your sticky sweetness. Rub the natural lubricant from inside of you onto your clitoris, and rub hard until you come.

The Sandwich Cookie

Imagine your first two fingers as the hard cookies that sandwich a creamy filling. Gently grip your clitoris between your first two fingers. Stroke your clitoris with your other hand. Vary the pressure and speed until you come.

The Open-Faced Sandwich

Use the palm of your outstretched hand, gently pat and then push down gently. Continue with this rhythm until you begin to feel hot. When you are almost to the end, just push and let go, push and let go, never letting your hand leave skin contact.

The Pulsing Pelvis

Begin touching yourself with your fingers how you like it the best. Start to softly contract your leg muscles in order for your pelvis to gently pulse in a rhythm reminiscent of lovemaking with a partner. Rock up and down, up and down, until you come.

Take a Dip

In the Pool

Spread your legs as far as you can while positioning yourself in front of one of the jets in your pool or hot tub. Stand far enough away from the jet so it is not uncomfortable for you, then move closer and closer until the stimulation is just the right amount to jet you into orgasm.

With Your Shower Head

Use your handheld shower head to masturbate. Actually take the shower head off of its hook and press it on your clitoris. Rub softly. Rub firmly. Alternate between the two extremes, or find a middle ground. Always synchronize your motions to escalate the masturbation experience.

In Your Bathtub

Get into your dry bathtub and sit directly underneath the faucet. Make sure the faucet is aimed directly at your clitoris. Turn the water on warm and let the flow of water hit your clitoris. Use your elbows to hold up your upper body and stick your hands underneath your butt. Right before your orgasm, turn the water temperature to hot … a comfortable hot … and let yourself come.

Common Toys

Dig the Shovel

You can use whatever object turns you on. Pick out a vibrator or anything you like. Mimicking a gently digging motion, use the toy to play with your clitoris. Slide your toy down your clitoris, across your clitoris, and upward, removing the object entirely from your body. Repeat until you reach orgasm.

It’s Electric

When using an electric toothbrush to stimulate your clitoris, simply use it as if it were a vibrator. Touch softly at first, and then as you get more excited, get into a rhythm of hard, soft, or medium pressure. Go up, down, all around, in little circles. Find the motion that suits you the best.

A Play Station

Use a Metal Gear Solid CD on your Sony Playstation, and grab the vibrating controller. Follow the same instructions for the electric toothbrush and the rest is easy. Find yourself. You’ll figure out what to do.

If you have already tried all of the above masturbation tips for women, try adding your own personalized touch on variations to these techniques. If this still isn’t doing it for you, stay tuned for the next set of tips from the professionals.

If you follow the previous tips, you too will experience the self-satisfying beauty of climactic joy through masturbation. When you find something new that works for you, you can share your little secret with your partner.

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