Climbing, Canoeing and Celtic Rain forests

Our Students have had a busy time since returning from Anzere! Over the last few weeks they have been mainly focusing on their climbing, in preparation for their SPA (Single Pitch Award) Training next week.

Climbing near the centre

As part of their preparations they spent a week climbing in the Peak District, having great fun (but also learning lots, obviously!)

Climbing Practice

One of the key things Jack learnt while away was the importance of keeping your kit very neat and tidy, SPA trainers are particularly impressed if you are able to arrange your climbing gear in a well presented circle. *

Jack practicing his organisational skills

*This may not be 100% accurate

Before their week away in the Peaks they spent some time learning to lead climb, and enjoyed a visit to our Nethybridge centre.

They also somehow managed to fit in some canoeing — a Spey Descent where lots of fun was had, including a sleep walking incident!

Canoeing on the Spey
Jacob struggling with mornings!
TIs struggling to get the fire going

If that wasn't enough some of our students also joined in with some Celtic Rain forest Training led by Plantlife Scotland. We are very fortunate here at Ardgour to have our very own little patch of “Celtic” or “Temperate” rain forest right on site, so we spent some time learning about what we have and how to make it interesting for the school groups that come. Below you can see Emily and Alex beautifully demonstrating what life is like as a Lichen!

Emily and Alex working together nicely as a Lichen

The students are away this week, but back next week ready for their SPA training and getting ready for placements!

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