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Bi-Weekly Recap — Apr. 18th to Apr.29th

Dear Community,

In the past two weeks, we have launched cover purchase portals for Perpetual Protocol and Saddle Finance. As usual, biweekly report comes again with our progress shown in two categories:

  1. Marketing and business growth.
  2. Product development.

Marketing and business growth

In the past two weeks, we have launched perpetual protocol’s coverage purchase portal, perpetual users can get protected at a weekly cost of 0.06%.

In addition, we have temporarily paused saddle’s finance individual purchase portal due to saddle finance’s incident last week — since buyers’ policy is supposed to go live this week, there are no claims due to this incident.

Reserve is currently earning around 76% APR with 26% APR USDC earning and 50% APR TIDAL earning. The current activated plans include a total coverage of 3.3 million.

Product development

  • Lowered premium for StaFi protocol from 0.08% to 0.06% weekly.
  • Temporarily paused saddle finance’s user purchase portal.
  • Improved UI display for APR earnings.




Tidal Finance is the first flexible DeFi insurance platform and marketplace, offering the highest APYs and gas-free transactions. The flexible insurance model allows companies to adjust their premiums on a weekly basis based on fluctuating TVLs (Total Value Locked).

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Tidal Finance

Tidal Finance

Tidal Finance is the first flexible DeFi insurance platform and marketplace offering the highest APYs in the industry. https://tidal.finance/

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