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Bi-Weekly Recap — Mar. 7th to Mar. 18th

Dear Community,

In the past two weeks, we have launched a new policy in joint effort with NAOS finance to cover real world asset loan defaults. As usual, biweekly report comes again with our progress shown in two categories:

  1. Marketing and business growth.
  2. Product development.

Marketing and business growth

In the past two weeks, we have activated two new coverage pools. Liquity’s smart contract coverage, as well as NAOS’s real world asset loan coverage. For more details about depegging policy please check out the cover policy section — section II, undercollateralized loans.

In addition, UST user purchase portal is live and UST holders can get depegging protection at 0.05% weekly cost.

Reserve is currently at 682,405 USDC earning around 71% APR with 34% APR USDC earning and 43% APR TIDAL earning. The current activated plans include a total coverage of 4 million.

Product development

  • Deployed NAOS real world asset coverage pool.
  • Deployed Liquity smart contract coverage pool.
  • Launched UST user purchase portal.
  • Updated the user purchase portal for Anchor coverage — for subscribed buyers who don’t have enough pre-deposit balance to pay for the coverage amount, we automatically removed their subscribed coverage amount from the available capacity, making more capacity available for other buyers.



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