Bi-Weekly Recap — Sep. 5th to Sep. 16th

Tidal Finance
Tidal Finance
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Sep 20, 2022

Dear Community,

In the past couple weeks, the compound coverage pool has been live for deposit. As usual, biweekly report comes again with progress shown in two categories:

  1. Marketing and business growth.
  2. Product development.

Marketing and business growth

In the past week, Compound coverage pool was set up for deposit, the coverage includes the newest version of compound III. deposits will start to earn yield with USDC and TIDAL next week.

In addition, the TIDAL staking pool reward was extended for September.

Reserve is currently earning around 34% APR with 14% APR USDC earning and 20% APR TIDAL earning. The current activated plans include a total coverage of 0.6 million.

Product development

  • Compound coverage pool is open for deposit.
  • Staking reward extended for September.
  • Completed weekly incentives for USDC reserve pool.



Tidal Finance
Tidal Finance

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