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Tidal and Immunefi team up to increase safety measures for other projects

We are very excited to welcome a new partner to Tidal’s ecosystem — the leading bug bounty platform in the blockchain industry, Immunefi.

A bug bounty program is a very effective approach for discovering code vulnerabilities. However, it requires a strong community to make the process effective and efficient. In working with hundreds of projects, and saving over 2 billion dollars in assets from potential hacks. Immunefi has become the leading bug bounty platform in DeFi. As an insurance project, we can attest to the services of Immunefi, as we have our own bug bounty program on their platform. We have also been working closely with their team to onboard insured clients from the Tidal platform.

Taking meaningful safety measures is still in the early stages in the crypto industry, and requires education, audits, insurance, and bug bounty programs. These are all very effective ways to safeguard a project’s launch and lifetime. In collaboration with Immunefi, we are glad to offer project teams another safety layer and piece of mind for their users.

“At Immunefi, we’re always on the lookout for more ways to keep this ecosystem safe,” says Travin Keith, Co-Founder of Immunefi. “We look forward to further achieving our vision in collaboration with Tidal Finance and applaud their initiative with further encouraging their projects to add additional security measures to their operations.”

“Bug bounty is one of the most effective ways to reduce vulnerability risk. Immunefi is truly an expert in this space, and the service delivered to Tidal Finance as well as our clients has been efficient and beneficial. Through this collaboration, we are looking forward to increasing safety measures in the DeFi ecosystem,” said Chad Liu, Co-Founder of Tidal Finance.

The collaboration will bring new clients:

  • Co-marketing to promote new customers safety measures from both Tidal and Immunefi channels.

Increasing the safety of crypto projects is a core value of both Tidal and Immunefi, even though we are solving the problem from different angles. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide better services in a joint force.



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