Problem Solving 101: Book that make you Smarter, Brainer # 1

I have read over Two Hundred Books now. And out of these, two hundred books in the last four years.

Fifty books a year.

Fifty books a year is not a bad going for a person who disliked reading novels in school. And even though I finally realised the worth of a good reading habit, and how amazing books can be I found it hard to carve out time from my busy schedule for books.

But Kindle changed everything. I found it easier to replace my phone with another electronic device Kindle. You can too. I love my Kindle. It is the most amazing book reading device. As good as reading an actual book. With freedom

  1. to store as many books as you wants
  2. highlights lines and leave notes.

Books can make you smarter

Now I read both fiction and non fiction. And books can not only entertain but can also make us smarter and brainier. And the best part is that this experience doesn’t have to be boring, like our school text books. These books are not very well known. But as I’m a booklist hoarder, I landed on these books overtime, reading posts that mentioned what successful CEOs like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are reading.

Problem Solving 101: A simple book for smart people

Problem Solving 101: A simple book for smart people

is one such book. It is gem of a book. It gives you a set of tools to declutter the information at hand. It gives you a template which you can use to identify a problem solving technique that can help you in every aspect of your life. Even if you are a Student, working professional or a writer. It will help you in every aspect.

The books focusses on

  1. Identifying what kind of problem solver you currently are.
  2. Problem Solving Steps
  3. Tools
  4. Methodology for building effective plan.
  5. How to break down bigger problems into simpler ones

And the books illustrate these concepts with such easy to follow examples that will help you strengthen your learning with practical understanding.
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