Gaming BOLT unleashes gaming 2.0 with blockchain technology


In celebration of the TideiSun Group’s release of Gaming BOLT, a public blockchain game integration technology, TIDEiSun held a technical conferences at Spaces in Otemachi, Tokyo. Participants included game developers, exchange developers, blockchain media outlets and companies undergoing ICOs.

All were impressed with the exciting new technology, and discussed various suggestions and possibilities for cooperation. Chen Ping, founder and president of the TIDEiSun Group, said that he has worked with Japanese companies for nearly thirty years, and welcomes this latest blockchain-based cooperation opportunity.

Gaming BOLT is a Layer 2 blockchain technology that speeds up transactions for instant feedback. Millions of transactions can be packed together and put on the blockchain at the same time, leading to a speed of millions of TPS (transactions per second). The smart contract booster enables multiple people to execute a smart contract at the same time. Results, once obtained, can be instantly distributed, just like in multiplayer games, which are some of the most popular in the games industry. Gaming BOLT’s technical team is expected to emerge as a leader in the blockchain game DApps 2.0 trend.

Akazawa Masazumi, chairman of the Japan Blockchain Developers Association, also attended the press conference. He said that BOLT not only provides essential services for game applications, but also trustworthiness through the operation of the public chain and cloud storage services, which provide extremely effective methods of copyright protection. Thus, BOLT creates opportunities to make proposals to the Japanese Digital Media Copyright Association, protecting intellectual property.

Akazawa went on to say that BOLT solves the major obstacles to the development of software applications, demolishing the limitations of the blockchain to become a vital technology for game developers in Japan and around the world. BOLT’s features, including untamperable data, will be pivotal for industries such as the financial world, where it is necessary to confirm transaction evidence, with many other application scenarios as well.

President Takemura of game developer Platinum Egg, the first to integrate Gaming BOLT technology, gave a background of gaming DApps, including popular DApp CryptoKitties. Right now, there are many pain points in blockchain gaming, including insufficient blockchain bandwidth that result in serious traffic slowdowns, lack of high-quality art design and lack of liquidity. Their simple designs cannot compete with the multiplayer industry giants.

Takemura established a road map for the future of blockchain gaming, or game DApps 2.0. He identified four characteristics as vital: rich design elements, multiplayer game design, optimized user experience and a huge amount of DAU (Daily Active Users). BOLT assists the game industry to achieve DApps 2.0’s goals, and additionally can provide millions of TPS, fast feedback and the reliability of the public chain without the need for miners.

Julian Chen, vice president of the TIDEiSun Group, highlighted the high demand for blockchain games. According to the latest market statistics, currently blockchain DApp games have a weekly value of 6,354 ETH, or 300 million yen. Games that run on the blockchain solve the problem of low trust in traditional centralized servers and allow players and gamers to create and share game benefits.

Chen went on to explain that, after the rise of blockchain games, indie game developers have been encouraged to break new ground. In the past, gaming has been dominated by big developers, with the money to crowd out small companies. However, big companies have not yet entered the blockchain field, allowing agile indie developers to seize business opportunities now.

In addition, game developers can build cryptocurrencies through the blockchain in order to carry out cryptocurrency distribution (IIO). In addition to enriching game content, developers will also construct new business models and expand their businesses’ scale, reaching next-generation blockchain development for a new token economy.

TIDEiSun chief scientist Dr. Gwan-Hwan Hwang pointed out that, through the Gaming BOLT booster, games can be run on the public chain without big traffic jams, delayed transaction, high transaction costs or any of the other foibles of the current blockchain.

Gaming BOLT’s Ethereum smart contract booster assists with contract notarization. With the confirmation of the data’s integrity by miners on an Ethereum backbone, developers write the design into smart contracts. Through distributed auditing, developers reduce the reliance on human institutions, increase the public trust and create a game that players can trust.

InfiniteChain Company consultant He Xiangquan underlined that in the existing game industry, operators master the player’s results, and have the ability to change and delete data at will. Inter-game asset conversion is also almost impossible in traditional games. The current system, where efforts to become stronger in-game and contribute to the game community do not receive the remuneration such efforts deserve, will be changed through blockchain technology.

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