Tidl — Founding team

Leading up to Tidl 2.0 — a social story

Simply put, we built Tidl to help you present your professional self in full. The traditional resume is flawed, so we created a hiring platform that re-envisions the resume and how your present your skills online.

We kicked off with a minimal viable version of the product back in July of 2016, debuting version 0.1 of Tidl on Product Hunt where it was featured on their homepage.

Tidl was featured on the Product Hunt homepage and received over 300 upvotes

Tidl received over 350 upvotes and some amazing feedback and reviews on Product Hunt.

We reached over 1000 users within the first week of launching. It was very well received to say the least. People loved what Tidl stood for and was consequently featurd on BetaList, BetaPage and TechPP.

This leads us to what we’ve been doing between then and now. Building v2 that is. The smarter, better looking, feature packed version of our original service built with feedback from hundreds of early adopters and hiring managers.

Feedback from private alpha tester for Tidl v2.0.
Featured on Western Science: https://www.uwo.ca/sci/news/2016/10/reenvisioning_and_invigorating_the_resume.html

We’re excited for the next iteration of our product! We hope you are too!

If you believe in our vision do signup for your professional identity on Tidl at https://tidl.es

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