Anticipating the Critcs #5 & #6

TDG 43

Some Citizens Elected to the TDG will not want to Serve

There will likely be competent people who are elected to the TDG, yet really don’t want the job. In their one-year term of office, this will become apparent to the neighborhood citizens, who will likely choose someone else in the next election. The neighborhood will have ineffective representation for only one year.

Unquestionably, such an individual will not rise higher in the tiers.

A Bad Government cannot be Thrown Out

One important check-and-balance of the western democratic model is that if a political party governs too ineptly or too corruptly, then citizens have — and have exercised — the opportunity to throw it out of office and replace it with a new party. This threat of loss of power keeps most parties somewhat in line.

However, with many current officeholders being reelected each year, a culture of no campaigning to tell voters how badly they are being governed and no party system where officeholders can be easily branded for removal, it appears that the TDG has no mechanism to throw out a bad government.

If the TDG creates governments that need to be thrown out, then I should not have bothered writing this book!

The question that needs asking now is: “Is the TDG capable of transcending the 12 limitations I have described in Chapter 2?” If no, then it cannot bring better governance than the western democratic model.



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