Anticipating the Critics #1

TDG 39

I am going to anticipate some of the constructive criticism of the TDG, and hopefully these answers will also provide some further insight into this new system of governance.

Citizens Cannot Vote for the Leaders of Society

Citizens in western democratic nations have a direct or somewhat direct electoral process to select individuals for governance at all levels. Because the citizens have very little opportunity to really know those who aspire to govern them, they must rely on the media and party propaganda to make their voting decision. I discussed this feature of western democracy in more detail in the previous chapter.

Instead of making a decision based on faulty information, TDG citizens pass the responsibility of selecting people for the higher levels of governance to their elected representatives. These representatives, by working with each other on a regular basis, are much more likely to make better selections for the next level of governance than the collective citizenry with limited and tainted information from modern election campaigns. This TDG feature has already been alluded to several times in this chapter.

I have to concede that a significant and very vocal minority of citizens will disagree with these last two paragraphs — and there is not much hope in convincing them otherwise. However, if we ask those citizens who do not bother voting (sometimes up to 50% of the population) and those citizens who see the election process as choosing between the lesser of two evils (probably about 50% of those who do vote), we will probably find that these two groups of citizens, who do constitute a majority, would prefer to vote for someone in their neighborhood they know reasonably well and let this citizen deal with issues of governance — including voting for those citizens who should go up to the next tier.

I believe a majority of citizens would be just as satisfied voting in a TDG than voting directly for their political leaders. Many will be more satisfied voting for an individual they know personally and entrusting that individual to vote for someone to the next highest tier rather trying to find the truth by sifting through propaganda.



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Dave Volek

Dave Volek

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit