Anticipating the Critics #3

TDG 41

All These Elections are too Costly

Having annual elections in every neighborhood and at every tier may seem quite costly to society. However, the expense of each neighborhood election will not be any more expensive than running an election for a community league in a city neighborhood or a volunteer organization. One day of the year, a community hall or a school room could be rented to host the neighborhood election. An additional expense would be to pay the people to supervise the polls and voters’ list on that day.

If the cost is still a serious concern, the critic should compare the costs of the TDG to the resources a society consumes to run a modern election. First, to keep the election as fair as possible, the political jurisdiction incurs great expense with its ballot boxes, rented locations, voter lists, and paid staff. Second, political parties, to get their message out with their signs, pamphlets, and TV commercials, consume immense resources. As well, each election campaign requires thousands and thousands of volunteer hours, time that could undoubtedly be better invested somewhere else in society.

I say that the many, annual, small scale elections held in the neighborhoods will cost society much less than the mega-elections currently held every several years.



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