Confessions of a Future Politician: Part 25

Hate Mail / Activating the Activists

Year 8, Week 16

Riverbend TDG and Battenor Ecological Society bought a full-page ad in the Riverbend Times asking the three levels of government to work together for this cause. And about 20 joint letters were sent out with names of both organizations.

After eight years, our TDG just made its first foray into real-world politics.

In drafting the ad and letters, Pamela said Jane was easy to work with. How odd!

Shortly after the ad, the director of the Women’s Shelter called me: “Thelma, there’s a letter here addressed to you.”

I came and opened the envelope. Inside was one page with a hastily scrawled “Stop the TDG!”

The director said she gets a few letters a month like that. Anyone with even a moderate public profile is a target for cowardly small minds.

The meetings at the Battenor Ecological Society were, in my opinion, ineffective to better the environment in our region. We sent letters to policians and updated the website and put a few ads in the newspaper. Jane led the meeting and set the tone and did not want new ways.

The Battenor Ecological Socity had 114 members, a big drop from their early days. Most members sent in their annual dues probably to honor the past works of the society. About 10 members attended any meeting, mostly to network in our after meetings with Jane’s tasty snack buffet. It was interesting to find out new programs for schools and low income families in Riverbend. I was often explaining the happenings of the Riverbend Women’s Shelter.

The Women’s Shelter Board learned I had some bookkeeping skills. And for that, I was elected as treasurer. The society already hired a bookkeeper, and I oversaw her work. I also oversaw the executive director’s expenditures, approving of her spending decisions. I had signing authority with two other board members. It was an ego boost to have three-quarters of million dollars pass on my signature. And helping distressed people through a difficult time was also its own reward. One wonders at what happened to such women when there was no shelter.

My board work exposed me to a lot of abuse other women were having. That was certainly not my experience in life. Not one of my lovers ever took a violent turn on me. But when I was close to them only for a few hours and sex was a fairly immediate reward, they could easily hide whatever dark side they might have had.

Stacey was elected to the executive committee for Northwest Riverbend TDG. She often had me doing some extra work for this group. These tasks a good reason for the two of us to get together.

I was surprised that Holger Peters asked me to be a guest speaker at public TDG meetings. While I enjoyed the spotlight as a cheerleader and on the nightclub dance floor, public speaking was a new experience for me. But I got better with more TDG presentations. If it kept callling me to the podium, I was willing.

When I wasn’t busy with my business, volunteer work, and positive social interactions, I was spending time on my accounting studies. I figured four years to get my accounting degree at this pace. I really liked my new life — even without a special man.

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Tiered Democratic Governance has four salient features: (1) tiered, indirect elections, (2) voting based on good character and competence for governance, (3) a culture of consultation, and (4) an advisory board to help elected representatives reach their decisions.

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