Confessions of a Future Politician: Part 4

First Crisis / Virginity Gone

Year 7: Week 15

Politics is often about facing challenges one never plans for. The Riverbend TDG got such a challenge right after the party.

The Riverbend Times sent a reporter to cover the party. For the most part, she did a reasonable job, and we appreciated the free publicity. But she got one premise of the TDG totally wrong. She said that the TDG is going to turn into a new political party to contest future elections at the municipal, state, and federal levels.

None of the executive members talked to this reporter, so she must have got this information from another member. Looking at the paper, she had three events to cover that night, so it was understandable she couldn’t get the full story.

I believe most of our members understand the TDG is not a new political party. But some may not know better. And others may wish it to go in that political direction. The reporter probably talked to the wrong person. After some discussion, we decided to write a letter to the editor to clarify our intentions.

Consensus was that Pamela’s Communication Committee should write the first draft and the executive committee would approve of the final draft.

“Although the TDG has no official leader, the rest of the world may want to see that. I recommend that the chair signs this letter,” said Ed.

“But we also need to send a signal that the TDG is different from nearly all other organizations. Our decision-making bodies are a collective action, not an individual,” said Orville.

Consensus came to both Pamela and I signing that letter.

I finished high school with a SAT score to get me into many colleges. But I did not have a life plan, so I enrolled into a nursing program in Joosemin College, following my mother’s career choice. When my parents dropped me off in my dorm room, I finally had the freedom I was looking for.

The first Friday night was an impromptu parties throughout the dorm. Lots of alcohol was around, and a few students were getting silly. But most people were just talking and talking and dancing. The older students were renewing their old friendships. The newer students, like me, were making new friends. I stayed up until 3:00, just talking to new people. I really liked this good looking young man named Keegan.

Saturday night was our official icebreaker for the new people in the dormitory. The cafeteria was turned into a dance floor. To start, all us newbies had to congregate on the dance floor and introduce ourselves to rest of the dorm. Then the lights and music set a fun tone. Alcohol was definitely around and a little marijuana.

Keegan sat beside me. He was a third-year student. He had taken an English course that I was taking in my first semester. He had all sorts of good advice for doing well in this course. We talked about other things of the college and of the nightlife in Joosemin. He seemed so wise.

We sipped our drinks as we talked and talked. I could see a few couples were pairing up and making out. Keegan and I kept talking. And we did some dancing. I could feel the alcohol in me but thought I was far from drunk. I continued to sip slowly. Eventually our fingers touched, and that felt good. Then fingers found their way to arms, shouldders, and thighs. Then he kissed me, and I enjoyed that. We were making out. He took me to his room. That’s where I lost my virginity.

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Dave Volek

Dave Volek


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