Confessions of a Future Politician: Part 9

More Constitution Writing / A Promiscuous Roommate

Year 7, Week 24

Orville found four more neighborhood representatives to work on his committee for the rules of the mail-in ballots. I attended this first meeting and it seemed these people were in a consultative frame of mind to draft up some good rules. I left half-way through, knowing things were in good hands.

I started to reminisce about my time writing all these TDG rules. I played a minor role in the first constitution of Northwest Riverbend and the merger between Northwest and Northeast. I played a major role in the constitution of Southwest Riverbend and its merger with North Riverbend to make Angle Riverbend. When bringing in Central and Southeast Riverbend into our fold, I was only on the executive committee to oversee and approve of the merger committee’s work. Part of me would like to be in the middle of this new committee. But I didn’t seem to be needed. And I needed to work on my accounting diploma — and there was a husband I wanted to spend time with!

I had gotten to know Francy somewhat well from the two nightclubs. She was looking for a roommate for her two-bedroom apartment. I moved in a week later.

Francy called herself a cosmotoligist. She worked as a hair dresser. Even though she was a white girl, she sure knew how to manage African-American hair, almost enjoying the challenge. She was knowlegeable about cosmetics and fashion. We could really pretty ourselves up. When we entered Ezzie’s or Spin City together, heads turned.

Francy had her own theories about men: “Don’t give yourself too easily, or they think you are an easy lay. But don’t get a reputation of an “ALWAYS NO” girl, or they will stop paying attention. One or two fellows a month is a good balance. And enjoy the sex!”

I more or less adhered to Francy’s balance. I never got used to dealing with a roommate’s lover in the morning. Nor a lover’s roommate. But that was just the way it was. And I still looked forward to the adventures in the nightclubs on Friday and Saturday nights. Never sure what would happen.

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