Limitation #5: Simplistic Explanations of Problems and Solutions

TDG 15

  • Political Correctness: “Anyone who is for / against this particular solution is either incompetent or uncompassionate.”
  • Ultimate Consequence: “This decision will prevent / facilitate our civilization’s descent into anarchy.”
  • Hasty Action is Good Action: “If we are seen to be doing something, then whatever we are doing must be right.”
  • Delayed Action: “We need more study to make the right decision (but we hope the issue goes away).”
  • Ultimate altruism: “Damn the cost! If we can save one life, then it is worth doing!”
  • Avoiding Responsibility & Casting Blame: “We have done nothing to create this injustice. It’s the other party’s fault.”
  • World with No Risk: “The public is going to be 100% safe after we make these changes.”
  • Limited Alternatives: “There are only two choices: the right way and the wrong way.”
  • The Red Herring: “Let’s focus on a smaller problem, so we don’t have to discuss the big problem.”



Tiered Democratic Governance has four salient features: (1) tiered, indirect elections, (2) voting based on good character and competence for governance, (3) a culture of consultation, and (4) an advisory board to help elected representatives reach their decisions.

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Dave Volek

Dave Volek is the inventor of “Tiered Democratic Governance”. Let’s get rid of all political parties! Visit