Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on 4/13/2018

What are the official communication channels for Tierion?

Discord, Telegram Group, Telegram Channel, Twitter, Facebook, Website, Blog.

When is TNT going to be listed on [exchange name]?

Tierion does not comment on future exchange listings or the price of TNT.

Which exchanges is the TNT token listed on?

TNT is listed on Binance, Huobi, Liqui,, EtherDelta, and HitBTC. A full list of exchanges is maintained by Coinmarketcap.

Where can I find the roadmap?

We’re focusing on building the Tierion Network. Once the launch phase is completed we will discuss the roadmap.

Where can I follow development of the Tierion Network and Chainpoint software?

You can follow development at

Are you hiring?

Yes, positions are posted on

How do I run a node?

Please review the Chainpoint Node FAQ.

When are more nodes going to be allowed to register?

Updates are provided weekly on the blog.

How much TNT do I need to run a node?

Currently, you need a minimum balance of 5000 TNT assigned to the Ethereum address you are using to register your Node. More information can be found here.

Can the same ETH address be shared with multiple nodes?


Where can I find more details about the Token Sale?

Where can I find the white paper?