Tierion Network Update — March 2018

Chainpoint Node Registration

Node registration will open on April 5th at 10:00am PT (17:00 UTC). An additional five hundred nodes will be able to register. Rewards will remain at 1,500 TNT per reward period.

A Simpler Registration Process

The new registration process allows node operators to upgrade before registration opens.

  1. Upgrade Node — Node operators should upgrade to version 1.3.7 as soon as possible. The release will be available soon.
  2. Restart Node — When registration opens, type ‘make restart’. Chainpoint Nodes automatically attempt to register when restarted or upgraded.

The command ‘make upgrade’ will upgrade and restart a Chainpoint Node.

IMPORTANT: Nodes must upgrade to 1.3.7 to be eligible for rewards.

Node upgrade video tutorial.

Rewards Changes Coming

Currently, a single Chainpoint Node that successfully passes all audits is randomly selected and issued a reward. This model will be coming to an end. The first step is adding a rewards queue. Here are the basics:

  • Nodes that continually pass audits will advance in the queue.
  • Nodes that receive rewards will fall to the bottom of the queue.
  • Nodes that fail audits will fall back in the queue.

Node operators are incentivized to keep nodes online and passing audits. This change should result in a more reliable network and even distribution of rewards. We plan on rolling out the rewards queue in late April.

Scaling the Network

Tens of millions of Chainpoint proofs were generated in March as part of our test program. This work is being done in preparation for rolling out new capabilities.

Ultimus Announcement

Ultimus announced they’re using Chainpoint to create proof of business processes in banking, healthcare, law, medical technology, government, compliance, and other industries. View the full announcement.

Tierion Discord

Tierion’s Discord Community is the best place learn about Tierion and get answers to your questions. With over 4,000 members in Tierion’s Telegram channels, it can be difficult to follow the conversation. Discord makes it easier to segment discussions into multiple topics.

Tierion’s Discord community.

Chainpoint API Tutorial

Want to build something with Chainpoint? Our team created a guide that shows how to use a Chainpoint Node’s API to create a Chainpoint proof. You can use any programming language that supports HTTP calls.

Chainpoint Javascript Client

This javascript client can be used in both Browser and Node.js based Javascript applications using callback functions, Promises (using .then.catch), or Promises (using async/await) functional styles.

We’ve created a live code notebook on Runkit that demonstrates how to use the client. Developers are encouraged to submit any issues to the Chainpoint Client Github repo.

NPM — https://www.npmjs.com/package/chainpoint-client

We’re Hiring

Tierion has several openings for experienced developers to join our team in San Francisco. Our toolchain is based on Node.js, CockroachDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, and Consul. Everything is glued together with Docker, Docker Compose, and Kubernetes.

View full job descriptions

Follow Chainpoint development on Github. Keep up to date by following Tierion on Twitter.