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Ep 1. Adrian Marquez, MARSOC Marine turned Clinician on PTSD, NextGen Veteran Therapy, Psychedelics

Adrian Marquez is a retired MARSOC Marine Raider turned clinician specializing in integrative modalities to treat veterans and first responders with PTSD.

In Episode 1 of The Curiosity Offensive, I spoke with Adrian Marquez about his unique approach to treating PTSD and trauma. As a clinician and combat veteran, he is one of the few special forces operators turned therapists treating veterans with PTSD. His style leverages Jungian shadow work, diet, exercise, group therapy, individual therapy, VR, EMDR, etc. to prepare veterans for plant medicine experiences. His Sheepdog Program has changed the lives of countless combat veterans and is spearheading the future of mental health.

We discuss the broken mental health system, especially for veterans, and how trauma therapy is undergoing a renaissance. Adrian dives into his experience as a clinician working with civilian mental health professionals and what needs to change in the next 10–15 years to focus back on the patient over profit. We also dive into plant medicines, their modern, clinical application in treating trauma, and how the military community’s conversation around plant medicines, like Ayahuasca, is changing.




Life, liberty, and the pursuit of balance

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Tiffany Madison

Tiffany Madison

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