Yahweh: Associations with Other Gods

As we know, the head of the Ancient Israeli pantheon was an All-Semite leading god called El, Eloah, or Elohim, that means 'god’. El was the main god and head of the divine council not only in the All-Israeli but also in Ugarit and Phoenician pantheons. Elohim was known as a creator of the sky and earth.

As for Yahweh (i.e. 'He who exists’), his role was peculiar in the All-Israeli pantheon. He was admitted as the organizer of the earth (compare it with Plato’s Demiurge), the warrior, the Thunderer, the giver of rain, and, therefore, universal prosperity. That means he correlates not only with El but also Ugarit Baal/Balu and Šumero-Akkadian Ninurta/Marduk.

Finally, the religious reform (621 BC) by the Judah king Josiah established monogenotheist Yahweh cult that was described in the book officially 'found' during the Jerusalem Temple restoration.
Yahwehism was a result of merging Yahweh, El and Baal’s cults and images that led to the creation of Yahweh-Elohim united deity.