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5 Steps PWA Applies To Pull Customers To Your Online Business

There is a wide range of motivations for e-commerce stores to apply Progressive Web App (PWA) technology into their businesses. However, one of the most crucial PWA benefits is that it has the power to attract new shoppers as well as maintain strong relationships with the current ones. Additionally, compared to other marketing methods to draw buyers’ attention, developing PWA asks for a more reasonable initial investment amount.

In this article, let’s dig into how PWA can help online stores build up their customer database!

Step 1: Increase Website Ranking & Organic Traffic

To begin with, Progressive Web Apps can be indexed and ranked by Google like any normal website. In comparison to the native apps that can only be found in the app stores, this is a huge advantage of PWAs.

More importantly, PWA can not only appear on the search engine ranking pages (SERPs) but also be able to show up on the first page of Google and even at the top of SERPs.

Why? The reason is that PWA can meet many SEO ranking factors, such as:

  • Be discoverable
  • Be extremely fast
  • Be optimized for mobile.
  • Be highly secure (HTTPS)
  • Be UX focused

As a result, if an online store is integrated with PWA, it is more likely to get higher rankings on Google. In other words, using this technology is a simple way to reach new customers online.

Step 2: Inspire Customers With Fast Speed & App-like Features

After bringing potential visitors to the stores, the Progressive Web App keeps engaging those users thanks to its impressive page load speed and an amazing set of features.

Firstly, speed is the mainstay of PWA. It’s 40% faster than responsive websites, and 10–20% faster than native apps. How can it be so powerful? PWA is capable of pre-loading and storing the website content on the shoppers’ devices. Consequently, the content is already rendered when they get to that page, leading to blazing-fast page load time. Besides, the median first-page load of PWAs is only three seconds, and each subsequent page that the buyers access will even be more rapid than the last.

Secondly, PWAs bring about incredible shopping experiences with an array of native app-like features. For example:

  • PWA can be easily added to the mobile home screen after a few touches.
  • PWA is still accessible without a network connection.
  • PWA can be displayed nicely on any user’s device without the URL bars.
  • There is no bothersome whole page load throughout the site, just nimble Ajax load.

What is more, PWAs can satisfy shoppers with their ease of updates. While the users have to visit and download the latest version of the native apps from the app stores, they just need to “F5” the page to get the most recent version of PWA.

Step 3: Boost Customer Relationships With PWA Push Notifications

Although Progressive Web App can deliver exciting experiences, people can still easily forget it (as well as the online store) after a certain period.

That’s when the push notification function of PWA comes into play. It allows the merchants to send purposeful messages to keep customers coming back to the stores. Those messages can be about the promotion/ sale-off campaign that the shop is running or just a reminder of buyers’ abandoned carts and back-in-stock items.

Thanks to PWA’s push notifications, it’s no longer difficult and costly to implement customer retention strategies.

Step 4: Gently Remind Users To Come Back With Homescreen Presence

As we all know, store owners can simply send informative notifications to capture customers’ attention. However, sending many messages can bring about some side effects, such as making receivers feel disturbed.

Moreover, in case that the users disable the notification function on their devices, no messages can be delivered.

Fortunately, Progressive Web App’s shortcut on the user’s mobile home screen will help to handle the above issues.

Firstly, being on the home screen might grow the times that PWA is accessed by the users.

Secondly, even when the customers do not use the app very often, if they frequently see the store logo on the home screen, the brand awareness might be enhanced unconsciously in their minds.

Step 5: Continue Attracting More Buyers With Word-of-mouth Power

With the set of mind-blowing benefits to users, Progressive Web App will definitely gain customer satisfaction. And in the modern world, people are likely to share their experiences with others either on social media or face-to-face.

On top of that, over 90% of buyers will believe suggestions from their acquaintances more than advertising. Therefore, if your e-business applies state-of-the-art PWA technology and gets positive feedback, it will grab people’s attention and bring in more customers eventually.

Wrapping Up

Many companies have not paid enough attention to Progressive Web Apps, meanwhile many early-adopters who already gained great results in terms of bringing more potential customers for their business.

If you own for yourself a PWA, I hope the article clarified how PWA really nourishes your business. Hence, do not stop improving your PWA as well as your website to get more customers.

If you have not had a PWA, let build one and take off your business to a higher level as soon as possible.

With the set of features which are similar to the native apps, PWAs have created the most convenient shopping experiences on mobiles than ever before.



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