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Top 15 Best Examples Of E-commerce Progressive Web Apps In 2021


Have you ever thought of building an e-commerce Progressive Web App(PWA)? If the answer is YES, don’t skip this post, it will blow your mind!

This post includes the 15 most inspiring websites that integrated PWA in varied types and sizes. It will definitely motivate you to build a PWA!

15 Examples Of E-commerce Progressive Web Apps

They are all global brands, that’s why they all own beautiful, well-structured, well-functioning websites. We will visit each website, figure out what they are selling, buying, and, most significantly, the shocking result after integrating PWA into the website.



ShopEddies sells high-quality parts for cars, trucks, RVs, and Powersports. There are a million items of ShopEddies that have been sold across marketplaces. However, the brand’s customers are mostly in the US and Canada.

In 2019, ShopEddies decided to convert its e-commerce website to PWA.

ShopEddies’ website is converted to PWA with TigrenPWA. It provides online shoppers with an instant page load, app-like functions, and beautiful design. Besides, many advanced e-commerce features were added to the website, aiming to create the best shopping experience.

Lancôme Paris

Lancome eCommerce Progressive web app

In 2016, Lancôme — the most famous international French luxury perfume and cosmetics brand, witnessed the soar of mobile traffic for the first time.

Therefore, a mobile web app is a must-have strategy that adapts to the change in customer behaviors. That is why the Lancôme Progressive Web App is born.

After converting to an e-commerce progressive web app, the result of Lancôme can not be sweeter:

  • 17% rise in conversions
  • 53% boost in mobile sessions on iOS devices
  • 8% higher in conversion rates on re-engagement due to push notification.

Rooted Objects


Rooted Objects is a place for independent, luxury, and streetwear designers to sell their authentic products.

For providing a “truly luxurious experience” as their products, they combined the e-commerce website and PWA.

Zadig & Voltaire


Zadig & Voltaire is a luxury brand specialized in fashion. The brand decides to convert their website to an e-commerce progressive web app to satisfy their online customers worldwide.



Similar to Shopeddies, the Truclothing website is also transformed using the TigrenPWA theme. This business is a chain of 30 clothing stores across the UK.

Since the priority of Truclothing is customers’ satisfaction, they decided to integrate PWA into the website. Moreover, this can also add more value to their loyal customers and broaden the customer base.

After being converted, the Truclothing website looks more elegant, which perfectly fits the brand concept. While maintaining eCommerce functions, the site is equipped with outstanding features of PWA.



Roeckl is a brand from Germany with its value defined since the early days of establishment. Quality, craftsmanship, and style — the three words to describe the brand exactly.

The sales increased by 198%, and their bounce rate decreased by 35% after combining the eCommerce website with PWA.



Moncler, Balenciaga, Versace, etc. — these are a few brands people can purchase at the Eleganza e-commerce website.

The brand started to retail those luxury items in 1981. Until now, their target audience is fashion lovers who are seeking things that are above the average.

Their website requires not only fully-equipped eCommerce functions but also a unique storefront design, just like the business’s target audience.

Dear Sam


The elegant design, fast page loading speed, and useful functions make Dear Sam an impressive website.

Dear Sam is based in Sweden, which sells visually satisfying and high-quality posters.

For such a product as a poster, people could spend a lot of time choosing the most beautiful pieces. Thus, having a mobile responsive website is a wise decision that Dear Sam has made.



Malianta is an Italian bag brand that’s inspired was established in the 1950s. The concept was inspired by the legendary of people who drove their convertible Alfa Romeos to Capri and listened to Domenico Modugno.

Such a great brand requires a superb solution — accordingly, they went with e-commerce PWA for their website.

One Open Sky


One Open Sky is the biggest Danish retailer that offers a broad range of sports facilities for almost all active sports.

Their store contains more than 10,000 products. That’s why they can not refuse the well-structured storefront design of PWA.

Moreover, PWA ensures the fast page loading speed for One Open Sky e-commerce website despite the numerous products.



Established in 2003, Technodom witnessed a significant business expansion and became the biggest household appliance and electronics retailer in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

The most significant weakness of their e-store is poor performance and expandability. Technodom’s PWA tackles the website’s limitations and matches the business scale of operation in 2019.

La Nature


It might be quite challenging to create an e-store that has instant loading speed and displays high-quality images for more than 16,000 products.

However, leveraging the power of PWA, this boutique network has accomplished the task perfectly.

Special Milano

special milano

Special Milano offers its customers an aesthetic website together with the world’s hottest shoes.

With so many fresh items to offer their consumers, they decided to integrate PWA into their website.

Now, the customers find the desired products in a blink of an eye.



Auto Bernard is a French car merchant.

By adopting PWA, they have delivered breakthrough customer experiences.

Peter Jackson


Peter Jackson the Jeweller website wasn’t performing well as it should be. therefore the online user experience was not similar to the value that customers receive in physical stores.

The obstacles are quite painful:

  • Slow loading
  • Poor wayfinding & filtering

They finally could overcome the challenges by integrating the website into PWA. So far, the website can have an exceptionally quick front-end experience.

More PWA website examples.

Wrap It Up

Looking at the list, we can not deny that creating a PWA website is a seductive idea. However, turning ideas into reality required considerable effort, time, and money. Otherwise, it would be best if you asked for supports from service providers.



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