A Beginner’s guild to re-beginning

Day 1: 1/10 Front End Development, 1/10 Design

Alright so I made the decision to start documenting my learning process in Front-End Development and Design last year but for some unknown reason (aka procrastination) I haven’t. I think I have finally gotten the push I need to take this thing more seriously. Earlier this week, I was informed by a professional that I don’t know as much as I think I know. While I thought that my knowledge in these things might be above average, I was very kindly informed that I was a 1/10 which in retrospect isn’t bad, I guess, I have learnt so much in the last year and this simply means there is so much more to learn. Also in the past month I got rejected for a design internship, while that kinda bummed me out because I dropped a few things to concentrate on that, it just kinda generally pushed me. I am supposed to be doing this documentation thing with Afopefoluwa Ojo .

Tik Tak is basically to help beginners because I am also a beginner but I hope as many a people can learn from here.

I will be posting at least one article a week on what new technology or hack or resource I have learnt or used. I will also solicit for other useful articles and try and get them shared here. Eventually this blog will be moved to its own domain but for now.


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