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How to promote your Redububble shop on TikTok — TikDragons

If you’re familiar with TikTok, you may have noticed the big and consistent presence of microbusinesses.

They’re mostly people who sell on Redbubble.

That website allows people to sell their digital art globally with no shipment responsibility. In fact, the platform will take care of the printing, production and the shipment of the products.

The convenience and easiness of the website attracted thousands of people and now the competition is very high.

That means if you want to get noticed and gain customers, you must promote your shop also beyond the platform.

Despite Twitter and Pinterest, TikTok can hugely help you promote your arts.

How can you promote your Redbubble shop on TikTok? Let’s discover it.

  1. Add your Redbubble link to your TikTok profile
    First, you need to facilitate your potential customer’s journey. So, place the link of your Rebubble shop in your TikTok profile. So, people that are interested in your products will be redirected directly and effortlessly to your shop.
  2. Post video showing your products
    Create videos showing your products and let people know how you do it and how it looks like.
    Add special effects, engaging texts and a trending sound. Don’t forget to write a call to action in the caption and add trending and relevant hashtags.
  3. Follow potential customers
    If you want to get exposure faster, you should reach people that could potentially interested in what you sell.
    One of the most effective ways to do that is to find competitors and start following the users that show interests (comments, follows etc).
    When you get 1k followers, you can go live. This option is effective when it comes to getting closer to your potential customers. In fact, you can answer the questions they may have, describe in details your products and show them closely.
  4. Comment on other videos
    Commenting on other videos is another way of getting noticed. You should comment on popular videos and try to be one of the first to comment.
    First comments are generally the ones that get more exposure and interactions.

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