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TikTok Fashion Month

TikTok launches its own Digital Fashion Month

September has always been the month fully dedicated to fashion. Unfortunately, this year it can’t be celebrated as it has always been before.

So, fashion brands had to figure out a new way to stay close to their customers and entertain them during these challenging times.

The solution became TikTok. The platform has already shown to be suitable for fashion businesses, and this is the reason why TikTok decided to help them by creating a virtual fashion experience for its community.

The idea brought the app to partner with some of the big fashion brands; from the collaborations came the idea of launching the #TikTokFashionMonth.

Starting from today till October 8th, celebrities, big fashion brands will show off their stuff with a series of hashtags, LIVE-streams and new effects.

Until October 8th, there will be two LIVE streams per week featuring runway shows by famous luxury designers such as Saint Laurent, JW Anderson, Louis Vuitton, and PUMA.

Also, TikTok introduced on its newsroom page some of the hashtags with which its community can participate in this new and fun experience:

#TikTokFashionMonth: create your best looks and get ready to walk the runway;

#GetTheLook: get ideas about your next look;

#Fashion101: everyday essentials and must-have basics.



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