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Where to Find Ideas for your TikTok Educational Videos — TikDragons

We’ve already discussed how TikTok is fastly becoming a powerful teaching tool and how the “ microlesson” method has resulted to be effective and engaging among its users.

The hashtag #LearnOnTikTok was the beginning of what the app expects to deliver: informational and educational valuable content videos aside from the entertainment ones.

If you’re familiar with TikTok you may have already noticed how many experts, teachers and professionals are on the platform trying to share their knowledge in the best and fastest way possible.

And if you’re one of them, you already know how powerful it can be and how many benefits you obtain.

However, it is not always easy to find the right topic to discuss or the lesson to create. Plus, there is a lot of competition; so, you should always try to find and create original content.

For that reason, we’re sharing some powerful tips and website where you can take inspiration from for your next TikTok educational videos.

  1. Quora and Reddit
    Quora and Reddit are sites with user-generated content, and they can be gold mines for taking inspiration and developing ideas for your TikTok videos.
    On these websites, you have the chance to identify topics and questions people would like to know more about or receive an answer to.
    So, you could take those topics and questions and create a video around them.
  2. Google news
    News and hot topics are always appreciated by users and by the TikTok community.
    So, search on Google for the topic you’ve knowledge in and then click on “news”.
    In that section, you’ll find all the latest news about your topic research and you can then come up with more specific ideas for your next video.
  3. Google Trends
    Google Trends help you analyse the topics people are more likely to search for.
    So, you can analyse the trend of your topics along the time, compare it with other topics, and Google also shows you some related hot topics.
    Google Trends will furnish you some insightful information and original ideas you can turn into a video.
  4. YouTube
    is another great place where to find ideas for your videos.
    Search for your topic and then see what the trending videos are (the ones with the best results in terms of views, likes and comments).
    Take inspiration from them and develop a good topic to discuss in your video. You can also take as reference 2 or more Youtube videos and combine them in order to create a unique video.
  5. Blog posts
    The options showed above are generally enough to gather consistent information for the realization of a TikTok video. However, if they aren’t enough, you have always the option of checking blogs posts and transform them into short-format videos.
    Usually, the first Google results are the most relevant and the ones people look for frequently. So, make sure to take into consideration the results that appear within the first page only.

These where all the best sites where you can find ideas and take inspiration from for your TikTok educational videos.
Nevertheless, you should always add your personal touch and your expert opinion. This will make you unique and authoritative across the platform.

Originally published at https://tikdragons.com on November 2, 2020.



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