Non-Static Glass

Don’t limit your achievements!

This is common, we define maximal capacity as a full of things in a thing. A full of books in a shelf. Or a full of people in a room. A full of words in a sentence, a full of water in a glass. And the best one is: a full of projects in a (software) development period. ☹

Except the last one, the containers used to accommodate static capacity: shelf, room, sentence, and glass. So, to maximize result, filling it up is what we usually did. We call this as an achievement, a target, a goal, or whatever it is. For this, we make estimation, allocate resources, make effort, and set timeline.

We must set maximum target to get the best result. If necessary even exaggerated. Stacking books to crowded in a shelf. Putting people in full into a room. Cram words in one sentence. Pouring water fully into a glass. But, the last one is difference.

In software development, we can not set overload projects to get the best product/service. Software development is not a manufacturing process. If we assigned too many project requests until overloaded (even those requests are worth it) to our team, then they will not deliver the best quality. This is not just because they are smart workers (they have amazing skillset), not machines or even laborers. But because of we are wrong about the achievement, target, or goal, that are not static things. Dynamically, the achievement can grow following the market and circumstances, and of course depend on our best effort. Software development just like a living creature that grow by the time. Going big or sometimes evolved.

So, this is not only about quantity, but also quality. Our team can deliver the best quality if they are not burnout because too many tasks. They need to do their task comfortably, do the self testing, review, and do optimization. Sometimes, they need some iterations or maybe refactoring. They need to deepen their knowledge and skill by learning and experience.

To create the conditions as above, we should not be fixed on estimation with maximum target. Make enough space to make people in a room can breathe freely. Don’t fill our glasses too full, it should less in the beginning. Several projects but have prime quality is better. By the time, collaboration of our team will be more solid. They will recognize their ability and their speed. And most importantly the quality of the project is well preserved.

Finally, to get the optimum results, the best achievements, we just need to scale our development process. By doing automation and performing an orchestra of parallel processes. Scaling poor quality of process, feature, product, or service, just pile up the problems (technical debt) later on.

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