The KJ-Method + The Johari Window = Better Understanding

A few minutes ago, I read an article about The Johari Window as part of the design process by Valentin Loschinin. Valentin told us if we can use The Johari Window to map the relationship between an object of our design and its users, and than take actions to enlarge “Understanding”:

Image belongs to Valentin

Meanwhile, a few days ago, I also wrote an article on how to identify customers’ problems with simple method (The KJ-Method). Suddenty, I releazed that we can use both of them to make better “Understanding” of customers’ problems.

Like Valentin did (while using The Johari Window), we can compose information to be two parts that be taken by two groups (while The KJ-Method process), one is collected internally (from our organization perspective), and another one is collected externally (from our customers perspective). So, we’ll get a holistic picture of the problems.

After we got results from The KJ-Method, we can plot each of them into The Johari Window’s four-quadrant grid. And then take several ways to enlarge the Arena. So we can bring this better “Understanding” to the next steps (read: Design Sprint Methods by Google Venture).


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