The Power of Sticky Notes

Note your mind elegantly

It is the most useful tool for us,’s Product Team. We love it so much.

Sticky notes are fast, simple, cheerful, dynamic (moveable), interactive, variative, delegable, arrangeable, and of course sticky.

We often to jotting down idea, doing mind map, leave message to coworkers, write user journey, empathy map, some process during Design Sprint:

Understand: Summarize the learnings and first ideas

Design Sprint Methods

To jots down our idea and get insights, we use The KJ-Method + The Johari Window:

We use the KJ-Method + The Johari Window to identify the problems and summarize idea

Define: Create a user journey + Defining 3 words would you like for users to describe your product

Design Sprint Methods
Design Sprint Methods

To define those 3 words, mostly we use card sorting mechanism. Very efficient: simple, structured, and fast.

Diverge: Choose part of the problem + Take notes + Mind map + (Crazy Eights — Storyboard) + Silent critique

Choose part of the problem
Take notes
Mind map
Crazy Eights — Storyboard
Crazy Eights — Storyboard
Silent critique

Moveable of sticky notes helps us to do all processes above flexible but well structured. If we need additional explanation in particular block or step, sticky notes is solution.

Decide: Search for conflicts + Test Assumptions + Whiteboard the user story

Search for conflicts
Whiteboard the user story

Prototype: Sometimes we use it for low fidelity prototype

Low fidelity prototype

Validate: Jots down user feedback + Scoreboard

Jots down user feedback

Again, to arrange dynamically all user feedbacks, we use card sorting mechanism. And then bring them to scoreboard. We can use different color of board markers or different color of sticky notes.

Yeah, we can use sticky notes individually or collaborate in a group, crafting and detailing or to get big picture, draw visual or define flow, note idea or get attention and feedback. I call it, a super-tool.