Top 20%

To keep you still in the arena

The 80/20 Principle

Pareto phenomenon is naturally happen in many places. In econometric, biology, technology, physics, computer science, or even human behavior (social science). Appears in the war strategy, productivity facts, revenue growth, or social media analysis.

The numbers are not exactly 80/20, maybe 70/30 or 75.6/20 0r 83.3/8.4, but the trend is consistent, the majority of the results ere produced by a small number of things/efforts.

Let say, we use 80/20 fixity, to be in 20% things that produce 80% results is mandatory. If not, we are nothing. We are only in tail. No longer counted in the competition.

If we want to be relevant in the market, please stay in top 20%. May be we are not a market leader, but always trying to get close to the market leader and make enough distance from others is important.

And don’t forget to pick the right category that you want to be the best. Apple is not leader in terms of smartphone market share:

IDC, Nov 2016

but in revenue:

Business Insider

So, be wise to pick your battle arena, because it will determine what you become.