Seventy-Two Cervical Vertebrae

Elasmosaurus is a Pain in the Neck


This piece was definitely a challenge overall. Once the overall issues were resolved, I was actually able to throw about two weeks at this painting in order to complete it on time for our art show in May.

Even so, it would have been really nice having an extra month to work on it, to finesse the details. I may return to it in the future.

Or not. I am pretty tired of looking at it.

And it was explicitly for Gallimaufric Science. Variations are guaranteed to appear on products in the future, though, because one does need to get paid.

Since I had the major outline in an achievable high-contrast form already, all I had to do was trace my rendering of the skull and make sure the line width varied no more than slightly here and there. Also changed up my chop: it now lives inside a box.

But I’m also excited about how this clock turned out:

The hands are at ten and two.

The big canvas arrived, mere moments before I could start writing this, and we are finally ready to hang this project. It will appear tomorrow evening at Caffé D’Arte on Dimond in Anchorage, Alaska. Fellow artist Raven Amos will be showing off three new major pieces, and I just, well, this one.

Four feet high (not to scale or even the scale of the actual animal, mind—48 inches is just the canvas height).

Perhaps we will see you there!