Pewpewpew: Dolichorhynchops will eat all of the ammonites!

The Great Electric Ammonite Hunt

It’s doubtful that this juvenile Dolichorhynchops is ever going to be a household name, but like some of the others in my “Electro-Tiki” series (like Guidraco or Psittacosaurus), I wanted to create something different...

…And to include a few ammonites.

Yes, a few. And therein lies a slight cheat on the entire conceit behind this series: the ammonites have soft bodies in this picture, whereas the vertebrates have no soft tissues on display. I have no real justification for this, beyond the fact that empty shells floating in space without any of their occupants would possibly be baffling (albeit a lot easier to paint); since the point of the painting is a hunt—ostensibly for food—not a swim amongst a sea of disembodied shells, I granted them a temporary exception.

Hopefully no one notices.

Or notices the disparity of Dolichorhynchops without any organs to digest food with anyway. My intention was to do something different, and I’m thinking that should be the course from here on out, with a few deviations back into more “familiar” territory — maybe just not “household name”-type familiar.

I risk becoming ossified otherwise.