TILT #95 — our content may be mostly black and white, but we dream in color

Two multicolored booklist covers that say “Turned On” in groovy bright lettering and say they’re books and films about drugs for young adults
four book covers that are all a mishmash of colors in a very samey sort of way even though they are totally different books

“…something is disconcerting about this “safe” route disproportionately taken in service of women of color and debut authors in particular. These writers are deserving of what is so often afforded to their white and/or male literary counterparts: design that feels specific to the style, preoccupations, and general ethos of the author, a cover that wouldn’t have been created for anyone else. That seems like a failure of algorithmic thinking.”

photographic contact sheet which would be showing nine portraits but three are obscured by some sort of degradation. The images are of Black and White people, older and younger.
covers of four books: Marked Man by Archer Mayor, Activation Degradation by Marina Lostedder, The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman and Dressed for Death by Donna Leon
Tweet which is available at the link, featuring a person in dark glasses, a black mask, a black skirt wearing one of the t-shirts.



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