TILT-Y Mail #10

Postcards from London

(a little slow on the uptake with this one because I was on vacation)

Pretty offline this week since I’ve been on vacation but I have visited a lot of libraries and library-like things. Currently fascinated by the test the London cabbies take simply called The Knowledge, supposedly one of the toughest tests in the world and maybe rendered somewhat irrelevant in the days of smartphones? I know how much I hate it when people suggest libraries can be replaced with Google, so I tread lightly here.
 Click on links for more detail about some of these photos.

Sign in my AirBnB bathroom implies I’m staying in the right place.

I missed this march but was staying in the neighborhood this library serves. It was packed!

Just to give you an idea of the diverse population this library serves.

This art exhibit contained a “Utopia Library” which was supposed to encourage browsing but was locked? Couldn’t figure out if it was artistic irony or not.

The British Library has a great exhibit about Punk culture and the sign got grafitti’ed to point out the lack of female representation. Fitting.

A small library at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Gallery. Anderson was the first woman to practice as a doctor in Britain and there’s a small free gallery and library about her legacy right near the British Library.

Another small library, Manor House Library, in a lovely building walking distance from where we were staying.

Last stop on the library tour of London was the Caird Library at the National Maritime Museum. We were the jerks coming in fifteen minutes before closing, so I just took this one picture of pirate books. It’s been a nice vacation. Regular linking and commenting resumes next week.

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