TILT #32 This is what librarian resistance looks like

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Hello from a friend’s house in Cambridge MA. I am en route home after doing some consulting work and walking around goggle-eyed at the big city. It’s been a nice visit. Lots of links this week.
 New Librarian Resistance things you should know about:

Emilio Estevez is working on a movie about public libraries and homelessness. Filmed in Cincinnati Public Library, often at night after business hours, the movie is called The Public. I became aware of it when Mr. Estevez’s people called and asked to use my FBI Has Not Been Here sign (which they learned about from the PBS story or maybe The Mary Sue). I took the occasion of the phone call to also highlight SRRT’s Hunger Homlessness and Povery Task Force and the ALA’s Policy Statement on Library Services to the Poor. If that’s a topic near and dear to you, here’s an article from Slate about how libraries are removing fines considering them a barrier to civic engagement.
 The movie is also using Rebecca McCorkindale’s Libraries are for Everyone posters. All of these posters (mine, hers) are maximally shareable, so please feel free to use, reuse repurpose and spread the word.

By occupying institutions, identifying allies on the inside, empowering employees, working with whistle-blowers, leveraging legal grey zones, and strategically mobilizing the symbolic power of key constituencies, activist art collectives redeploy the arsenals of power that have already been stored. The institution is liberated.

What does Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden think the new Register of Copyrights should prioritize? I’m glad you asked. A great short interview by Creative Commons’ Timothy Vollmer.
 Creative Commons is also beta testing a nice image search tool. Check it out and give them feedback. It’s nice. If you just want to find free images fast, my Flickr-free tool still mostly works, feel free to use it or make your own with my code.
 Speaking of the Library of Congress I am still wondering how this inauguration poster wound up on the LoC store with a typo on it (and some snarky flavor text) when the original poster did not have the typo. The Library of Congress regrets the error. Also it’s weird watching something go viral-ish hours and hours after you and all your colleagues have been dishing about it. Gotta work on my meme distribution channels.

A leftover from an older newsletter where I asked for suggestions for mystery series written by people of color. Some suggestions and some links to follow for more information. I’ve been ILLing the Easy Rawlins books and really enjoying them. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions.

Photos from my Toronto trip are online. They’re not all library photos, but some of them are. I never get tired of old bookplates.

I’ll be traveling to DC for Computers in Libraries at the end of next month to lead a panel about small/rural library directors. Please say hello if you see me. I look sort of like this.

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