TILT #44 Objects make history slow

Disorder arises when too many conditions of order are imposed

Kipple is a concept every librarian should not just learn but internalize — the ceaseless imposition of sinister and self-replicating rubbish. As we organize, we must be mindful that organization, while useful, can also be a trap. The trick is to organize just enough to create order and meaning, but not so much that you become enslaved by process.
 Pun lovers may enjoy this exploration of another sort of kippling.

I oversee a facebook group called Libraries Step Up (In Times of Crisis) with Scotty Bonner and a few other people. Not a lot goes on there in an average week, but it’s a good meeting for librarians or libraries needing help. And things have been busy there lately. A few pointers on things happening recently.

Some unfolding stories about book and author popularity, and book fraud, that are gripping reading:

I love old books about libraries. I love old catalog cards. I love fonts. Margo Burns has made my month by creating a font called Dana Library Hand which combines all these wonderful things and is in the public domain. Thank you Margo.

Longer reads worth your time:

Coming back around to the order/disorder dichotomy, meet JJ Cromer, a librarian by training and artist by profession. He creates lovely and compelling “outsider” artwork.

In his artist’s statement:

In retrospect art became a kind of counterweight to my work as a librarian. As a librarian I’m concerned with certainties and predictable order. As an artist, though, I’m excited by ambiguity and exploration, skepticism and play. Drawing for me is creating a world, mapping it, and finding myself lost in it, all at the same time.

Here is his illustration titled Reference Librarian in his Jobs I’ve Met series.

I love the idea of larger libraries doing their own Comic Cons. Here’s the poster and page for the Boise Public Library’s Comic Con which was last weekend. Fun fun fun Instagram.

In the next week or two, I’ll be back to a bit of “stuff I tweeted about” (w/r/t “toxicity” in comments and bias in data sets), but for now I’ll leave you with something someone else tweeted that I greatly enjoyed.

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