TILT #73 — Environmental controls, not access controls

Jessamyn West
Jun 3 · 5 min read

A PSA about where else you can find me and my library nattering online.

I won’t lie — it’s a lot sometimes. One thing that made it to Twitter, and not here, was which loads a fun random list of of full-text LOC items.

I noticed that many books I browsed . Turns out these were stickers placed on books that were marked for evacuation during WWII. Here’s an archival photo of that process.

[archival photo from LOC showing books being prepared for evacuation]

Remember when the was renamed? Here in Vermont, we’ve been grappling with the renaming of the (for two reasons: Fisher’s ties to the eugenics movement and also the initialism DCF’s association with VT’s Department of Children and Families). The Department of Libraries decided to which I think is a great, inclusive solution.

Vermont’s summer program started this weekend, a nice turnkey program where we create the materials, and the libraries can say, “Get your passport stamped here!” This is the fourth year of the program and I’m pretty excited about it. .

[sunshiney orange passports against a yellow, white and orange background]

We shared our designs online for people who want them. If you’re looking for library inspiration, don’t forget about which has a lot of creative library things, all CC-licensed so you can use them.

Explaining the importance of libraries to communities involves both stories and data. ALA’s , which came out during National Library Week, has a lot of both. While I am always aggravated by — specifically the sheer number that are ignorant GLBTQ challenges — it’s .

Do you look at shared Google Docs during meetings and not know where to put your cursor? Why not … or space… or the library?

[an emoji-rectangle made out of mostly library-related emoji]

Googleable term is “” (works on two levels!) which somehow hasn’t gone viral yet.

Resources & ideas:

Privacy is always important:

An employee of the Massachusetts State Archives between 1937 and 1945. .

Did you see Good Omens? ?

So much enjoyable reading lately! I am lucky my library has a great graphic novel collection.

[four books from the last reading list including Andre the Giant Life and Legend, Moon of the Crusted Snow, Your Black Friend and Shipwrecks]

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Today in Librarian Tabs by Jessamyn West