TILT #91 — I go to libraries because they are the Ocean

sticker in the shape of a coronavirus with the words SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS on it
screenshot from twitter asking if if I would like to READ the article before I SHARE it
clip from one of the coloring books showing what looks like a line of little humanoid insects sitting on a wire, headline: Military Order of the Cootie
three levels of books on bookshelves sorted into rainbow order
four jars containing various undersea life. Two are fish, one is a fish skeleton and one I do not know WHAT it is, a scary eel?

This visualization takes the current New York Times Best Sellers list for combined print and e-book fiction and scales each title according to the demand for its e-book edition at a collection of U.S. public libraries, selected for their size and geographic diversity.

four book covers: Owls of the Eastern Ice, Barely Functioning Adult, Infinite Detail and Ambergris



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Jessamyn West

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