TILT #92 — fair use + weird energy = new historical librarian pals

historical photo of a black male librarian in a suit talking to a classroom if kids of various races. He is standing by a record player. A flag with 48 stars hangs over him.
Librarian Spencer Shaw telling a story at Hartford Public School. Link to original.
Tweet that is linked with the text “Your sloppy technology choices are an equity issue. Have been finding images for Wikipedia pages about Black librarians. Poor scan quality is problematic, esp for for Black faces. Please compare Wallace Van Jackson from The Atlanta University Bulletin vs. http://Newspapers.com” and two images of a man one of which is legible and one of which is just a black blob.
Bookmark that is dark purple with the image of a squid on it and one end of the bookmark is cut into swirling tentacle shapes.
Two tweets which can be read at the link, basically saying ALA’s take on banned books is not great.
combined covers of four books: Rebel Voices, I’m Waiting For You, The Scholar and Disfigured: On Fairy Tales, Disability, and Making Space.



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Jessamyn West

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