TILT #93 — a lot of ways to be open

open flag hanging outside of a brick building with a rounded section
a folding enclosure that is custom built to house a pair of wire-framed glasses
double image with a library on top and a smaller version of that library as a little free library below it.
side by side images of this speaker which resembles a book standing on its edge with the pages slightly spread out. Also it costs $900.
covers for four books: Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me, The Shooting at Chaeeau Rock, Quantico, and The End of Men
animated GIF of a little blob hugging a book



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Jessamyn West

Rural tech geek. Librarian resistance member. Collector of mosses. Enjoyer of postcards. ✉️ box 345 05060 ✉️ jessamyn.com & librarian.net