TILT #94 — the library is not a TARDIS and can not hold infinite books

a little free library with a little librarian jumping out of the front door with a little bundle shouting “I’m freeeeeee” and a caption saying “Little free librarian”
a key lime pie with a picture of a bird on it and the writing “To Key Lime Mockingbird”
a little colorful illustration that was found behind the regular spine of a book, it features a few cartoon caricatures. More information about the illustration at the link.
Cover of the zine described, available at the link offered

Let us feel our grief, but let us remember our ancestors before us and those yet to come and be bold in our subversiveness! Rejoice that we are here together. We are in a new library, built in the midst of all of this! A temple to the sharing of culture! A fortress that stands against those who would take it all away. There is hope! Hell, I can see it and I’m not even a “hope” guy!

Tweet with text: We have breaking news. The Mobile Library is in Evie today and a cat has just walked aboard. 👏A👏CAT👏HAS👏JUST👏WALKED👏ABOARD👏THE👏MOBILE👏LIBRARY👏
four book covers: Class Act; Imagine Wanting Only This; How To Slowly Kill Yourself And Others In America; Strange Beasts of China



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Jessamyn West

Rural tech geek. Librarian resistance member. Collector of mosses. Enjoyer of postcards. ✉️ box 345 05060 ✉️ jessamyn.com & librarian.net