TILT #97 — my library is also my antilibrary

blue button with “Knowing is not enough. Act for Peace and justice” caption in yellow
a tree that is crafted out of the pages of a book, shown in a photograph on top of an older book
[image from Chris Scott — cc by-nc-sa]
animated gif of a black man signing “The first thing is that the education white deaf people received was better that of black deaf people”

I knew about AIDS even when it was called GRID (Gay-Related Immune Deficiency), long before I became sexually active, before I had admitted to myself that I was queer. And I was terrified, but informed. On top of all the explicit fiction, I also knew about safe sex practices.

image of a man in a business suit asleep in a park
covers of four books: Cartographers by Peng Shephers, The Granite State’s Boston Post Canes by Barbara Staples, Thursday the Rabbi Walked Out by Harry Kemelman, and Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi



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