TILT #98 — Guardrails and solidarity

Today in Librarian Tabs
two angles of a rock painted to look like Shel Silverstein’s book The Giving Tree
WPA era poster showing an illustration of a cartoon character sitting under an umbrella on top of a large open book with the slogan “RAIN is bad for a book”
Image of a black woman working in tech services caption “Mending Department. Mrs. Dora Lee Johnson”

“We are not in the fine-collection business. We’re in the encouraging-to-read-and-learn business, and we were getting in our own way.”

Covers of four books: Good Time Girls, Green Mars, Blue Mars and The Book Woman’s Daughter
image of the tweet at the linked URL with a picture of the Sister Jessamyn beer in the tall grass with a duck in the background



Today in Librarian Tabs is a librarian newsletter by Jessamyn West

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Jessamyn West

Rural tech geek. Librarian resistance member. Collector of mosses. Enjoyer of postcards. ✉️ box 345 05060 ✉️ jessamyn.com & librarian.net