photo credit Paula Rey

Show. Don’t Tell.

I’ve been sharing the same tweet for months. Sometimes I get a few likes and RTs, but nothing out of the ordinary. On January 5, I shared this same tweet again.

Then I had someone share it.

And that’s when this tweet got a more than just a few likes and RTs. Most importantly, Twitter analytics shows me that 16 people clicked the link. That link goes to joining the No Kid Hungry blogger program. I don’t know how many actually signed up, but getting that many people to click the link, beyond just liking or RTing, is what leads to action.

Why am I sharing this? Because there is a lesson in everything. Social media is often cast to be the best thing that can make anything possible. It can. But not just by sharing one tweet or liking or RTing one tweet. It can be the best thing when you are consistent and have a little help from someone who finds your tweet at just the right time and decides to add their own message with it. If Lydia hadn’t shared my tweet with the hashtag #mommyblogger, this tweet may have been like every other tweet I’ve shared of the exact same characters as this one. Just another tweet that passed by so many people’s timeline without anyone taking any action.

If you want people to join you in your actions, don’t tell them to jump, show them how you are willing to jump and keep doing it until someone decides to join you. Then keep doing it.

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