Dinner with Garic, Chief Officer (Business Development) of Taipan Bread & Cakes

Garic with the volunteers

Had a thought-provoking night with Garic, Director and Chief Officer (Business Development) of Taipan Bread & Cakes.

Garic offered us a very holistic view on life, especially for career planning. He advises us to dig deep into an industry we’re interested in — understanding the job routine, and more importantly, how people’s values are shaped by that industry, the quality of their personal life while attaining top positions. This is a refreshing perspective as when it comes to career planning, most people consider few factors other than job stability and compensation.

“You have to understand the values people have in that industry, and think if this is the life you’d want?”

He also emphasises the importance of craftsmanship, and the ability to creating something and bringing an idea to life, which is a skill not taught in the current education system.

Chatting about life, career, and favorite movies over pizza

When it comes to his own career, Garic recalls how his experience in financial reporting and advertising has helped him take Taipan, originally a small business, to a household name integral to Hong Kong culture.

When he joined Taipan in 2003 which is when SARS hit, he saw an opportunity in the economic downturn. As a former financial reporter, he knew what data to look at for signs of economic recovery. With his experience in advertising, he landed Taipan a sponsorship to the famous exhibition match between Hong Kong All Star and Real Madrid, the team David Beckham just joined. It turned out to be one of the most watched TV shows in record, and established Taipan’s brand in representing Hong Kong.

Apart from work, Garic reminded us life is not only about personal achievement, but also about many other chapters. For example, getting married and having children are priceless experiences that we truly care about when it comes to the time of our last breathe.

‘Seize the opportunities to live life beyond work, family is where you can gain true happiness and satisfaction’

Thank you Garic for your time, which has raised over 20 volunteer hours to Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Man Yi Cheung Soap Cycling and more.

By Jacqueline Leung, HKU Time Auction Ambassador

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