“Make Time Month”—I’m redesigning my days and I want your help

I’m a total dork about how I spend my time. Over the years, I’ve tried experiments like removing email from my iPhone and turning off my wifi every night, all in an effort to slow down and focus.

Surprisingly, these little changes made a big difference. When I turned down the noise, I felt less distracted around my family, did better work, and made time to write on the side.

But writing isn’t an on-the-side thing anymore. I’ve just started a new career, leaving Google to focus on writing books. And writing is still really difficult for me.

So if I’m going to do it every day, I need more focus and more energy. Because I’m a dork, I’ve decided to start off with a series of experiments.

Four weeks of experiments on making time

I have a bunch of ideas for dorky experiments to try, related to time management, maintaining focus, even getting better sleep. I’m going to run one experiment per week for the next month.

Posting this plan is a sort of commitment device, because by announcing it, I’m obligated to follow through. And if a few people are willing to join me, I’ll be even more obligated — and I won’t feel like I’m going it alone. So…

Join me for “Make Time Month”

I’m asking you to join me in the experiments. Yes, you, reading this right now! Here’s how you can help:

1. Choose a goal

First, think of something you’d like to make time and energy for every day. It doesn’t have to be writing and it certainly doesn’t have to be a career change. Just something you’d like to spend a little more time on. Maybe you’d like to make time for your kids, or gardening, or finishing some big project at work, or exercising, or learning to speak Icelandic. Whatever it is, write it down, like this:

2. Sign up

Next, sign up with your email so I can send you the experiments:

3. Commit to somebody

To create some social obligation, tell your friend or significant other or somebody: “Hey, I’m doing this Make Time Month thing in June to make time for _____.” (Personally, I’m telling my mom.)

To step it up, you can tweet your plans. This is self-serving because it’d help spread the word and maybe get more people involved… but it’ll also add a little positive pressure to you.

Or if you’re feeling shy, you can just tell me your goal.

4. Try the weekly experiments

Next week, I’ll send the first experiment, and we’ll start rockin’!

5. Tell me how it works

Throughout the month and afterward, I’ll ask you to tell me how well the experiments work for you. I’d also love to hear about tweaks you make or other cool tactics you have for boosting energy and focus.

Afterward, I’ll read through everyone’s feedback and results and share what I learn — and of course, what happened for me!

Okay cool, that’s it for today. Thanks for reading and helping me get this writing thing going. I appreciate it.