Divine Mindscape and the I-Magi-Nation

Poetry. The fantastic voyage continues. Let’s collect some data as we take an Afro-futuristic journey through the I-Magi-Nation.

Designed by Author (Carmellita) in Canva

A natural release of Dimethyltryptamine rushed into our bloodstream. The codes were clever. Here we were dwelling in our own I-Magi-Nation.

Images projected by each of us were different indeed. “You all have the power to succeed,” she encouraged.




Time Kap-sule: (noun) — a publication storing a selection of writings chosen as being typical of the present time, buried for discovery in the future.

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A Writer, Poet, & Storyteller with a BA in Speech Communications. Top Writer. Named Literary Scholar by LEH. Creating a Digital Media Company w/ my bestie.

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