Getting your work done before time

Time Management has one main objective and it is “Getting more work done in a less time”. Time Management teaches you to prioritize your time to important targets and things first and other things after that. Some people misunderstand this concept of Time Management and they end up doing useless tasks all their day long because they have to manage their time at-least somehow. But Time Management is doing only the tasks which are important to you in a least amount of time and the other remaining time you can do whatever you feel like, Time Management doesn’t mean you have to work all 24 hours of the day.

In businesses, there are some businessmen who come to the office on time and start working on some projects, then take a break, start working and again take a break and take such breaks multiple times a day. For them, they think this is very good time management because they are getting their work done. Then there are some businessmen who come late to the office but complete all the work in 5–6 hours and often leave the office early too. Technically both of the cases are perfect as the work is getting completed, but the main definition and meaning of time management is to get the important work done to the earliest which is not happening in the first case.

A famous writer stated that “Time Management is not about staying busy, but it is about getting more done

This knowledge of Time Management helped me a lot because initially I used to consider listening songs as being busy. After gaining this knowledge I usually finish my work first before doing anything else. For future I tend to find more techniques to be efficient in Time Management.