Are you learning how to learn?

Take in this quote from the book The Inevitable for a moment…

“A good question is not concerned with a correct answer. A good question cannot be answered immediately. A good question challenges existing answers. A good question is one you badly want answered once you hear it, but had no inkling you cared before it was asked. A good question creates new territory of thinking. A good question reframes its own answers. A good question is the seed of innovation in science, technology, art, politics, and business. A good question is a probe, a what-if scenario. A good question skirts on the edge of what is known and not known, neither silly nor obvious. A good question cannot be predicted. A good question will be the sign of an educated mind. A good question is one that generates many other good questions. A good question may be the last job a machine will learn to do. A good question is what humans are for. ”
— Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly is the founding editor of Wired magazine. He values sabbaticals, travel, and is excellent at predicting where technology is heading. We discuss the importance of travel, project-based work, our relationship with AI, and why learning how to learn is a superior skill for thriving tomorrow.

Notes from our interview:

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