Leave it all behind…

Making time for cruising into a new life

John Zeratsky and his wife have been living and cruising on their sailboat for almost a year. They left a life in San Francisco behind to do it.

From their wonderful travel blog, they sum it up:

“We’re a San Francisco couple in our 30s, sailing south aboard our Outbound 46 Pineapple. In 2017, we quit our jobs, gave up our apartment, sold our stuff, sailed out the Golden Gate, turned left, and began cruising the Pacific coast from California toward Panama. We don’t know quite where we’re going or when we’ll be back… but we know it’ll be an amazing adventure.”

John Zeratsky is one of the minds behind Design Sprints. Design Sprints are a wildly adopted system to help any business person ship and test a prototype. His next system destined to change lives is called Make Time, and it will empower all of us to test and prototype a better life filled with more quality time.

On this episode of the Time Off podcast, John and I discuss how to create a “Someday Fund”, a less intimidating approach to writing a book, the life of living at sea, and other awesome time controls through his experiments as a Time Dork.

Notes from our interview:

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